The MMS Scam

The Mineral Miracle Supplement-MMS Scam One of the biggest scams going around at the moment is what has come to be  known as a Mineral Miracle Supplement (MMS) – which is basically Chlorine Dioxide produced when Sodium Chlorite and another acid such as Citric Acid or Acetic Acid (Vinegar) are mixed together. While the uses of Chlorine Dioxide as an external pathogen killer is well known, the MMS advocates recommend the internal intake of this poisonous substance internally to cure all known diseases, hence the term miracle.

Chlorine Dioxide is a powerful disinfectant, make no mistake about that – but anyone with a bit of common sense would know using poison to kill germs externally (like disinfecting the floor) is one thing and to swallow that poison in the hopes it will kill every germs inside is another. Unfortunately some people only learn by their mistakes and that includes me. I have bought Jim Humble's book and his MMS kit and tried it only to make my condition worse – adding symptoms instead of eliminating them. Luckily for me, I've found some great recommendations from a naturopath friend and I'm better today. So hear this all of you as a warning of a nicely engineered scam.

Before you read any further I suggest you take a look at what Wikipedia has to say about MMS – (Click here for the link) . The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies Sodium Chlorite as Highly Toxic. Chlorine Dioxide has documented toxicity resulting in subjects' deaths. Chlorine Dioxide causes thyroid function impairment shown in monkeys, renal failure and RBC counts, hematocrit, and hemoglobin decrease in rats at higher dosage. (Google Chlorine Dioxide toxicity under scholarly articles for more info). Although these studies have higher dosages that prescribed by the MMS protocol, lower dosages are not a guarantee of safety.

This is confirmed by the EPA report which estimates that the a daily ingestion known as Oral Reference Dose - RfD of Chlorine Dioxide of 0.03mg/kg/day is sufficient to cause neuro-developmental effects - that's a dosage of 2mg per day for the average person of 70kg – (Click here for the report). Meanwhile Jim Humble's protocol according to his book recommends 6 drops of MMS which within 3 minutes yields 3mg of chlorine dioxide and with his full doses of 15-18 drops, he claims that up to 20mg will be released in a day. Eventually he even recommends doses up to 30 drops of Sodium Chlorite and 150 drops of Citric acid which releases, if my maths is correct 40mg per day. This is absolutely ridiculous and no human studies have ever been made at such concentrations to evaluate long term safety. Chlorine Dioxide is highly explosive and occupational exposure limit [Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) permissible exposure limit (PEL)] is 0.1 parts per million (ppm) because it is a severe lung and eye irritant Read more here

Mineral Miracle Supplement MMS 1 - Sodium Chlorite, Citric Acid Crystals Mineral Miracle Supplement 2 - Sodium Chlorite, Citric Acid Crystals

What Jim Humble is not telling you is that Chlorine Dioxide is a strong oxidising agent meaning it causes oxidative stress which has been shown to cause diseases. Ever thought why people take antioxidants and why they are recommended by health professionals ? It's to prevent oxidative stress which is believed by the scientific community to cause cancer, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, neurogenerative disease, ...etc. Chlorine Dioxide being a very strong oxidising agent will trigger great deal of oxidative stress by releasing damaging free radicals. Haven't you ever wondered why the protocol always mentions not to use orange juice with vitamin C ? Well it's because orange juice have added, ascorbic acid which is Vitamin C , a strong antioxidant and as such it will neutralise the damaging oxidising effect of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide also reacts strongly with iron and reduces red blood cells count, hence why the MMS protocol warns to avoid mixing in a metal pot.

Now let's talk a bit about his claims. Jim claims to cure cancer and AIDS with his protocol. His logic follows that because AIDS and cancer are caused by viruses then a pathogen killer will cure both of them.

While the HIV virus which causes AIDS is definitely easily killed with Chlorine Dioxide, there is a world of difference between killing a virus outside your body and killing it inside your body. A virus outside your body is extremely fragile and will die on its own, without a host cell. The HIV virus can thus be killed with small doses of alcohol. So according to the MMS logic, getting drunk will get rid of AIDS. This is utter rubbish as HIV is a retrovirus, meaning it will invade a cell. Once inside your cell it remains there and starts replicating to infect other cells.  The immune system fails to detect retroviruses as they remain 'hidden' in our body cells. Antiviral treatments work by targeting proteins that retroviruses leave behind. Up to date, there has been no evidence to even suggest that chlorine dioxide can discriminate between infected cells and normal cells. While some viruses are thought to cause cancer, cancer is also caused by a variety of other factors. The mutation that cause normal healthy cells to mutate into cancer cells can be trigerred by carcinogenic chemicals like in tobacco, radiation or hereditary genetic abnormality as well. I don't know how that fits into MMS cure for cancer, let alone every disease.

If MMS can cure AIDS, Cancer and every illness then why aren't all the pharmaceutical companies closing down. Of course, here comes the elaborate big pharmaceutical companies and FDA conspiracy to suppress the cure for everything. Seriously that is a big joke. All it takes is a bit of business thinking to know that if such a cure existed, the big companies would rush and patent some form of it and crush the competition. They would actually be begging to get hold of that cure! That's how companies think - more profits.  It's called game theory. All that companies want is more profits and suppressing this “cure” would work against their interest as a rival company might patent some form it and crush them out of business. It doesn't take an Economics degree to figure that out. I do reckon that the FDA has been unjustifiably harsh on the natural therapies in the past but that's because of scams like the MMS and other traps which take advantage of the desperate situation of patients to indulge them into some utter rubbish. I know how it feel as I have been in that situation and anybody who takes advantage of such people, without clinical studies to back such extravagant claims is unquestionably a con artist.

Even today I keep reading how people report vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea after ingesting MMS. And they are told that's a good sign, that the body is cleaning itself. These reactions are typical of the body trying to get rid of foreign toxic substances in the digestive system (think too much alcohol) and Jim cleverly twists this into saying it's the toxins in your body. Does he have any proof of that ? No. Maybe you should read the symptoms of chlorine dioxide poisoning which specifically states: “Cough. Headache. Laboured breathing. Nausea. Shortness of breath. Sore throat. Symptoms may be delayedRead more here.

Mineral Miracle Supplement - Sodium Chlorite, Citric Acid Crystals MMS scam

I don't want to get started on the book as it is full of rubbish statements and a long narrative story of his expeditions in Africa where MMS allegedly cured 75,000 from malaria. Let me just mention one example - he says in this book: "Each tiny chlorine dioxide molecule has tremendous power to destroy those things from which it can draw  electrons, but it does not have the power to draw electrons from healthy cells or aerobic bacteria"

And if you read on Wikipedia: "One of the bacterial diseases with highest disease burden is tuberculosis, caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which kills about 2 million people a year, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa"

And on the bacteria page on wiki: "The physiology of M. tuberculosis is highly aerobic and requires high levels of oxygen."

Cure for all disease ? Right he even contradicts himself...

Unfortunately con artists prey on unsuspecting individuals.

What about those testimonials ?

Assuming they are true, which is a big if, they may be caused by the famous and clinically dreaded placebo effect. That's the point of clinical studies to address the true effectiveness of treatments. It is said that the power of the brain is incredible and this is demonstrated by the placebo effect; by tricking the brain into thinking it is undergoing treatment, a degree of healing success is obtained. Hence why clinical drug trials require success rates of over 20% to be considered meaningful otherwise it could be the placebo effect.

So let's recap: The MMS claims are unfounded, ridiculous to say they cure everything including AIDS and Cancer. The safety in humans at this recommended dosage has never been studied and is unknown, stressed bold and clear by the EPA!!. The EPA has warned about the long term safety concerning ingestion of even lower amounts. Quite on the contrary it is an oxidant, an explosive and a powerful poison. Throw in a conspiracy theory by the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA, what do you get ? A brilliant scam, I'll have to admit that. Business is good for them – 300,000 links on google and they're even selling through Amazon and Ebay now.

Ever wonder why 'PGL international' markets these bottles as "water purification drops"  with such instructions and no mention of internal consumption ... ?

Like the saying goes: Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

The FDA has issued a warning letters (click here) to address those ridiculous claims and on October 16, 2010 the suspected to be one of Jim Humble's many websites is trying to have the term Mineral Miracle Supplement changed to Mineral Master Supplement. Additionally and unsuprisingly, they are selling a $375 video course, or a $1000 course for the first week followed by another $500 in week 2 that will grant you a "completion certificate" to become a "Minister of Health". They even attempt to blend religion - Christianity and prey on people's faith to sell their merchandise. (Click here to read the email)